TREVELYAN Limited operates a digitization service centre and develops technologies for digitizing and presentation of bound and unbound documents using Internet technologies.

TREVELYAN Limited is a privately owned derivative of Archive Quest Limited which was founded in 2001 to support the electronic publishing business. Archive Quest has an enviable portfolio of digital collections from a wide range of digital artifacts. i.e. PDF files, word processed documents, spreadsheets, digital images, text files, web pages, MARC records, database files and XML files. In addition, Archive Quest has collaborated in many Internet-based projects of national and commercial recognition.Please browse our portfolio

TREVELYAN Limited has established a scan service center which offers an innovative and cost-effective scan service. We own and operate a ScanRobot® MDS2.0 and workflow system manufactured by Treventus Mechatronics Gmbh. This will be the foundation of a mass digitisation program at affordable cost.

Many years of experience gained during close collaborations with numerous libraries and archives were incorporated into the establishment of this scan service center and thus enables TREVELYAN to offer digitization services on a maximum level of quality and high-end technology.

We provide document scanning and imaging services either on-site at your facilities or at our conversion centre.

We also cater for small or private archives through our retail scanning centre SCANTOPIA, based in West Sussex

We digitize

• Books
• Newspapers and magazines
• Archives and files
• Loose documents
• Card and library catalogues
• Photo plates

We scan formats from a postage stamp to
broadsheet fast, professional and without any complications


• Advisory service
• Digitization
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Preparation of data
• Shipment and logistics